22 may 2015


As I promised in my last post (a long, long time ago) I'm going to write you about another of my hobbies... cooking!

Today I will teach you how to cook "Salmorejo" (It's my favourite dish ;)), Its origin can be traced back to the central north part of Andalucia(possibly in Cordoba), but since it became a very popular refreshing dish perfect for the spring and summer season
you can taste it all over Andalucia. (obviously all my Spanish readers know this already, so I apologise for this basic explication). 

Ingredients for 3-4 person (or one like me)

4 Ripe tomatoes, big size (or 6 pear tomatoes middle size) 1,5 garlic clove (if you want it to be spicier you can put 2 clove)
a little piece of green peppers
250gr Iberic Ham
1 boiled egg per person
500gr Stale bread
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
White Wine Vinegar
And a lot of art!

Preparing Salmorejo is actually quite easy !

1)Chop all vegetables (remember to take off the skin of the garlic and use preferably the bottom of the peppers) and put them in a bowl with salt.
2)Meanwhile cut the stale bread without the crust in small pieces. Put it in another bowl and add the juice of the tomatoes.
3)Blend all the vegetables in a blender and then add the bread (it should be fluffy after absorbing all the juice). Mix again.
4)Now that you got a thick cold soup, it is time to add the olive oil (3/4 parts of a cup of coffee) and vinegar (1/5 parts of the same cup).
5)Finally mix and add salt if necessary.
6) Serve the soup chilled and top it with
a bit of olive oil and thin slices of boiled egg and ham.


Yes, I know, some purists can argue that this is not the traditional recipe from Cordoba, but I had been living there for a few years, and some lovely people taught me this variation of the original recipe. Sincerely I like it more and I hope you will ENJOY it too!